Why Choose Long Fermented Sourdough

There are many reasons to consider trying a long fermented sourdough bread. Whether its taste, texture, quality ingredients, or nutritional value these breads have it all. Backwards fermented breads flavors and textures are crafted and cared for, for over 24 hours. This results in a chewy and flavorful crust holding a rich strong crumb. Bread that will stand up to any spread and grill up into the best grilled sandwich you've ever made. I know, for me, eating this bread has changed my life. 


After spending endless time researching food for myself and my communities health, I recognized a nutritional void in most breads. In my opinion, hard to digest wheats and commercialized yeasts have lead to an epidemic of digestive issues and inflammation. I believe that using quality fresh milled organic wheat along with a long ferment process can make bread that is not only more nutritious, but easier to digest. 

The fermentation process “pre-digests” the wheat in a sense, allowing our bodies enzymes to naturally digest nutrients, like protein, from the bread. Also, long fermented bread is more satisfying leaving you energized and not feeling bloated and bogged down.

At Backwards Bread Co. we pride ourselves on organic, safe and wholesome ingredients. I focus on the importance of nutrition in my daily life and am a firm believer in the saying “we are what we eat”. I will never make a product that will compromise our communities integrity by choosing unethical ingredients. We hope that you will find some joy with our product.

I love making it for you and I Thank You from all of my being.

Organic Sourdough - Ethics and Buying Standards 

  • We always seek organic ingredients first

  • We priortize whole foods for our ingredients

    • Whole foods = unprocessed foods​

  • We will NEVER put a GMO ingredient in our food

  • We source as many ingredients from local sources 

    • Local sources = MN producers ​

  • We only use animal products from suppliers who demonstrate practices that prioritize animal dignity 

  • We will not use products from animals who are treated with antibiotics or artificial growth hormones 

  • We believe good food should be affordable & accessible to all of our community members 

  • Any unsold breads are distributed to the those in need 

  • We support Ethical Workplaces