Our Products


We recognize a need for a high-quality bread that doesn't cut corners in both the bread making process and the quality of ingredients.  These old world recipes have had it right since the beginning. We mean to keep this ancient secret alive and functioning for as many people who choose to try it. We believe effort and time spent found in old world tradition pays out tenfold in nutrition and health benefit. 


Meet the BBC Team

At BBC we are at the bakery 7 days a week to ensure we can provide our community with quality baked goods.  In order for all of the baking steps along the way to succeed we rely on our TEAM! The best part is that we LOVE what we do!  We are very fortunate to have a wonderful hard working team who has a lot of fun baking together.  Meet our team members from left-right: Miles, Laura, Travis, Jeff, Mike, Rich, Steve, Liz.


We also have several volunteers that work with us every week. We are forever grateful for their help and excitement to be involved in what we do!  

About Backwards Bread 

We have always wanted to help our community and food has been where we found our calling. Working in the local food community for many years we noticed the need for quality wholesome breads and baked goods. After honoring the effort it takes to bake nutritious and tasty bread we knew we had found our duty and Backwards Bread Co. was started, June 2016.


As Backwards Bread Co. continued to grow we began our journey of looking to expand our physical production space while continuing to work with our communities needs.  The universe heard our calling and we were connected with Collegeville Artisan Bakery in Fall 2017.  The owners of Collegeville Artisan Bakery were preparing for retirement and we were looking to expand. The needs of both companies fit perfectly. Now, here we are February 2018 the proud new owners of Collegeville Artisan Bakery. 


Backwards Bread Co. will continue to specialize in organic long-fermented sourdough bread while adding the beloved and diverse menu of Collegeville Artisan Bakeries breads and pastries.